The System & The Science

Engineer a Better Wall. Engineer a Better Envelope.

How It Works

The patented DensElement® Barrier System with AquaKORTM Technology redefines the typical water-resistive and air barrier (WRB-AB) system. Instead of installing a WRB-AB membrane over the face of a commercial or residential building's sheathing, the first component in the system

solution, the DensElement® Sheathing, has a WRB-AB integrated right into its gypsum core. This premium, all-in-one Dens® brand system is then finished with PROSOCO R-Guard® FastFlash® liquid flashing to fill and seal joints, fasteners, openings, penetrations and transitions.

AquaKORTM Technology

The science behind the system. Having undergone rigorous performance testing, AquaKORTM Technology is the chemistry that Georgia-Pacific Gypsum pioneered to ensure that the WRB-AB functions in a consistent manner from edge-to-edge of the DensElement® Sheathing core. When traditional WRB-AB systems are applied over the field of the sheathing, improper installation, like ripped building wrap or

fluid-applied membranes spread too thin, can create inconsistencies in their ability to protect the entire wall from moisture or air infiltration. But, with the DensElement® Barrier System, the WRB-AB is protected between the same GOLD Dens® brand fiberglass sheathing mats trusted by architects and contractors for the last 30 years.

This proprietary expertise was developed with the building envelope in mind – keep walls dry to avoid envelope failure. When moisture penetrates the structural wall cavity through areas like rough openings, it needs to dry out to avoid mildew, mold and deterioration.

The DensElement® Barrier System resists bulk water, like rain, snow and ice, and also has high vapor permeability that allows moisture to pass through the sheathing in both directions, in any climate, if it does enter the structural wall.

Tested & Trusted

In both lab testing and on the jobsite, the DensElement® Barrier System has exceled in rigorous performance testing for conformance with the current water-resistive and air barrier requirements of the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). It carries the most widely accepted and trusted evaluation mark in our industry – the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES®) Evaluation Service Report (ESR).

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Limited Warranty

Just like the DensGlass® GOLD Sheathing that you know and trust, the DensElement® Barrier System incorporates the same high quality and performance you would expect from Georgia-Pacific Gypsum.

The premium nature of the DensElement® Barrier System merits a premium warranty. Our competitive warranty includes both a 10-year manufacturer’s defect limited warranty and a 12-month limited warranty against delamination or deterioration of the DensElement® Sheathing from exposure to normal weather. See our limited warranty for complete details.

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