A Wall of Proven Savings

A Faster, Safer and Smarter way to save on your bottom-line costs

Independent Study Results: Watch the DensElement Barrier System save 40% on installation time.


Save installation time compared to traditional fluid-applied WRB-AB methods.


Reduce safety risks with less time spent on the job and in elevated positions.


Move on to the next job faster by removing an entire installation step.


3rd Party Tested

The DensElementTM Barrier System was put to the test against typical WRB-AB systems in a large-scale, laboratory study conducted by Home Research Innovation Labs, a building science research facility with expertise in building products. The study evaluated installation time and materials used for a mocked-up, 3-story commercial building totaling 2,464 sq. ft.

The Results Speak for Themselves

The DensElementâ„¢ Barrier System was completed in 6 hours and 26 minutes, making it:

25% Faster*

Compared to the typical building wrap WRB-AB system evaluated in the study DensGlass® Sheathing with building wrap and tape flashing took 8 hours and 31 minutes to install.

40% Faster*

Compared to the typical fluid-applied WRB-AB system evaluated in the study DensGlass® Sheathing with full fluid-applied WRB-AB took 10 hours and 41 minutes to install.

40% Time Savings with DensElementâ„¢

* The results presented reflect the findings on specific construction assemblies under test conditions. Actual results may vary depending on the system, the building, the installation methods and other factors.

To view the independent study methodology and results, visit www.DensElementDocuments.com

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